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We’re here because of community and connections
and the small, ordinary occurrences which lead to
big ideas and bigger realities.

As we move into spring and The Churn Room nears it’s second year in the Dayboro Butter Factory, we are celebrating with a selection of works chosen from submissions by artists from the Moreton Bay, Brisbane and surrounding regions. 


Encounters prompts the idea of paying attention to the serendipitous moments in life, where unexpected encounters lead to surprising happenings from which stories unfold and pathways expanded.

25 August to 24 September 2024

Wednesday to Sunday 9am - 3pm

Exhibition Opening Saturday 26th August

5pm - 7pm





Meet the Artists

11am - 1pm 

10th September - Samantha Docherty

13th September - Michelle Newby

15th September - Donna Saunders (demo) & Eric Morgan (demo)

16th September - Amanda Gardner, Jill Lincoln, Helen Evans (artists talk) 

17th September - Amanda Gardner

20th September - Helen Evans, Jill Lincoln

21st September - Christina Walker

22nd September - Trudy Brooks 

23rd September - David Symonds & Donna Saunders (demo)

24th September - Molly Galpin (demo/talk), Karen Massy (demo), Michelle Newby

More details via instagram


Closed Monday and Tuesday

All works on display are available for purchase.

To read about the artists and art work please use the link to the catalogue below. 




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