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Feathers & Blooms

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Exhibition by 
Michelle Newby (feature artist)
Lisa Rabie
6 - 22 October 2023
Wednesday - Sunday 9am - 3pm 
closed Monday and Tuesday

As we grow older, we arrive at a point where we have experienced countless moments that change our perspective on where we are heading in life. The death of a loved one, children moving on into adulthood and out of our homes, the changes in our workplace that tell us we are no longer the ‘young gun’, the movement into a financial arena that makes us more comfortable and for some, the excitement of planning the next stage of our lives ahead. 


These moments make us slow down our thoughts, look at where we are, what we have become, where we want to spend our time in this next stage of life. 


Some of us, like me, consider a move to a place where we can stop and think and drink in our surroundings – really engage with community and the native landscape and see them in a different light for the first time. 


For me, it opened my eyes for the first time to the little things that this environment has in abundance – beautiful songs of the birds in the mornings and their charming and quirky antics in the trees. Paired with the kaleidoscope of colours and forms of the indigenous flora – how have I not seen this in detail before? 


 With this new vision, I saw the endless possibilities of how I was going to explore them.


This exhibition celebrates this moment.... Michelle Newby (feature artist)

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Artists Bio - Michelle Newby

Michelle Newby is an impressionist painter working with mixed mediums mostly watercolour, ink and pencil.   Inspired by nature, Dayboro’s beautiful scenery and wildlife is a constant source of artistic stimulus. 

Joyfully nostalgic, Michelle’s work transports you a happy sentimental place.  Whether it be a magpie stealing fairy bread, or the often overlooked details of a gum bursting into bloom there is relevance to the Australia landscape and the way we live in it. 


Michelle works from her home studio fondly called “The Chook House” and her social media handle ‘The Impatient Artist’ represents her process.  When painting, she paints feverishly, is messy and is totally captivated by the experience of each painting.  She says  “I am not one to stop and go back to a painting too often, preferring to work on it intently from start to finish most times.”

Considering herself as always creative her interest in painting ignited in high school under the watchful eye of an art teacher who’s inspirational lessons have stayed with her as she continues to produce artworks into adulthood. 


While raising children and working part time, Michelle returned to the passion for art more seriously by enrolling in a  Diploma of Visual Arts.  Upon retiring from her profession  Michelle is exploring new techniques and art mediums and is increasing her knowledge base with the business side of working as an artist. 


This Andy Warhol quote inspires Michelle daily.  “Don't think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”  Andy Warhol

Michelle accepts commissions and has work hanging in the Dayboro Art Gallery. 

Join us for the opening 

Friday 6th October 

6pm - 8pm

Artists Bio - Lisa Rabie

Lisa Rabie is a ceramic artist hand building totems, pots, sculptures, wall art and pothead posey planters, that have Lisa's quirky and unique style.


Lisa's studio name is Bee Creative Pottery, and she feels very fortunate to have found a way to express her love of nature through her art, creating animals, insets, birds, faces and flowers.   



Lisa says "I have always been creative however I started creating pottery pieces in 2020 when my world needed a bit of colour, peace and inspiration!"


Self taught through attending workshops and classes and practicing her craft on a daily basis, Lisa found that people started to request commissioned pieces so she took the next step and decided to share her art with others by selling at markets and online. 


Bee Creative Pottery grew quickly and Lisa wanted to incorporate her love of teaching into it.  She now runs these popular pottery workshops at her home based studio in Kallangur and at Workshop sisters in Petrie. 

"I love this journey that I am on with my art and I am very excited about what the future brings for Bee Creative Pottery."   

The playfully colourful artworks created by Lisa, for Feathers and Blooms are sure to make you stop and smile.  

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