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Meet The Makers

Who we are and What we contribute


Bronwyn Hawkins


Artisan clothier, designer, maker and owner of bespoke linen clothing brand The Handmade Closet.  Following a philosophy of slow sustainable clothing, carefully crafted for everyday wearability from a personally curated range of quality 100% linen fabrics, the business has seen continuous growth and community support for locally made versatile clothing, since opening the doors in 2019.

As the founder of The Churn Room, I'm excited to have the opportunity to nurture a welcoming creative hub where artisan makers and community, mingle, encourage and support each other.



Sonya Flower

Miss Flower Creations - Working Artisan

Sonya brings a passion for creativity, learning and enthusiasm for old craftsmanship to her journey of transforming old forgotten copper into treasured contemporary jewellery for everyone.  Having been a part of the local Moreton Bay Sunday market scene since 2019, she brings her heartfelt sense of community, a nurturing spirit to customer service and the possibility of a laugh or two to the unique and historical walls of The Churn Room. 


Michelle Earth_Fibre004.jpg

Michelle O'Hara

Earth Fibre - Working Artisan

A multidisciplinary artist crossing artists books, mark marking and eco dyeing. A visual artist for over 30 yrs with a love of printmaking Earth Fibre is the story of our environment, our colourful landscape and the never ending exploration of mediums used to express oneself.

Michelle is interested creatively in looking at the cross over vessels, as a carrier for such things - seeds, environmental earth fibres and decomposition. Using a common earth element and expanding the boundaries of it through a variety of differing mediums.

Michelle uses a variety of mixed media which includes actual seed pods to create small books, along with hand bound Artist Books made from various found papers and mixed media.

Michelle's eco dyed accessories using natural fabrics, are created using only water and leaves, without the use of harsh chemicals. All works are one of a kind and each one is a reminder of the beauty we find in our landscape.

artist makers handmade clothing art silver jewellery Brisbane custom jeweller-9.jpg

Joanne Rutherford

Manresa Design 

Joanne Rutherford - Jeweller, print making, ceramics


Joanne studied the visual arts over many years taking classes at a number of art schools - from the Flying Arts School many years ago to the Brisbane Institute of Art.​


Jewellery design has been an extension of her creative work and brings with it the challenge of designing and constructing unique pieces of jewellery and wearable art. Joanne works primarily with semi precious stones, pearls, glass, silver and textiles such as felt. Her most recent passion has been exploring the use of textured metals such as silver, copper, pewter and brass in her designs. I am also exploring the lapidary world, cutting my own stones from rough and slabs of rock.

Currently working with us as an Artist in Residence exploring an old love for print making.  Joanne offers several workshops in our space for you to explore your creativity from her experience. 

The name - Manresa Design - comes from a family tradition.​​ Manresa was the name of Joanne's grandmother's house - wherever she lived - in recognition of her spanish origins.


artist makers handmade clothing art silver jewellery Brisbane custom jeweller-9.jpg

Merchant Makers

Donna Saunders Ceramics -

Karen - IndiMary Designs - Silversmith/Jewellery Designer -

Eryn - Nom Handcrafted - Wooden Toys -


Vicki - Oakmoore Designs 

Karen Massy - Ceramics - Clay n Pine

Catie - Black Wattle Wood Shop -

Michelle Newby Artist Dayboro Moreton Bay The Churn Room Exhibition_-6.jpg

Michelle Newby
The Impatient Artist - Art resident

Michelle Newby is an impressionist painter working with mixed mediums mostly watercolour, ink and pencil.   Inspired by nature, Dayboro’s beautiful scenery and wildlife is a constant source of artistic stimulus. 

Joyfully nostalgic Michelle’s work transports you a happy sentimental place.  Whether it be a magpie stealing fairy bread, or the often overlooked details of a gum bursting into bloom there is relevance to the Australia landscape and the way we live in it. 


As well as her art residency, Michelle works from her home studio fondly called “The Chook House” and her social media handle ‘The Impatient Artist’ represents her process.  When painting, she paints feverishly, is messy and is totally captivated by the experience of each painting.  She says  “I am not one to stop and go back to a painting too often, preferring to work on it intently from start to finish most times.”



Considering herself as always creative her interest in painting ignited in high school under the watchful eye of an art teacher who’s inspirational lessons have stayed with her as she continues to produce artworks into adulthood. 


While raising children and working part time, Michelle returned to the passion for art more seriously by enrolling in a  Diploma of Visual Arts.  Upon retiring from her profession  Michelle is exploring new techniques and art mediums and is increasing her knowledge base with the business side of working as an artist. 


Michelle accepts commissions and has work hanging in the Dayboro Art Gallery. 


“Don't think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”  Andy Warhol

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