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Artisan Maker Merchant Information

 We are very excited to invite you to take the next step towards being an

Artisan, Maker or Merchant of The Churn Room.  

First, let's get the business stuff dealt with so the fun can begin. 



Download the Artisan Maker/Merchant Agreement  here which needs to be completed and signed at the start of your involvement with

The Churn Room.

Costs & Inclusions

Here is the link to The Churn Room Costs and Inclusions Document.  Please review, and acknowledge you have read and understand them, with a signature of acceptance.

Terms & Conditions

Here is the link to our current Terms and Conditions.  Please be sure to have

read these with due diligence and acknowledge them with a signature of acceptance. 

What is next?

Once you have reviewed, completed and returned the above documents, we will be in touch to make arrangements to settle you and your creative work into The Churn Room.  


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