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recollect exhibition promo image The Churn Room Art Exhibition Moreton Bay Region.jpg

Impetuous Alchemy

a little exhibition

in The Little Room

New purpose for found pieces that prompted retention

The Churn Room, Dayboro

3-19 May

Open Thursday to Sunday 10am – 2pm

Meet the Artist 

Saturday 4th May

Artist Talk

with John for World Collage Day

11th May 10 - 11am




A self-confessed hoarder, John Massy confesses "I’m beset with a ‘this goes with that’ mentality."
The creative process of making collages, montages and assemblages gives new purpose to pieces that prompted retention.
When bits are being assembled for a composition, John often recollects where they came from or the circumstances that warranted picking them up.
If found materials have not suggested a departure point and theme, newly-created images prompt lateral thinking and the search for a title.

Gathered materials as diverse as avocado skins, orange peel, seaweed, steel wool and egg shells provide subtle colourants burned into the surface of saggar-fired pottery pieces.  Predictable and controllable only to a certain point, the process affords wonder and delight when the pieces are freed from their cocoons after firing.
Because saggar-fired wares are essentially non-utilitarian, the process is well suited to the creation of sculptural forms.

Join us for the meet the artist event on Saturday, May 4th from 10am – 2pm

Artist talk with John - 11th May at 10am

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John Massy

My professional career centred around visual art education, much of it at the Queensland Art Gallery.  In retirement, I have time for personal indulgence in making art works.

Time spent travelling provided opportunities to collect images that piqued my imagination.  Many of these inspire or provide the basis for collages.  I delight in the serendipity the technique affords.

Looking at my creations frequently takes me back to where the image came from or what prompted me to do with it what I did.

My instinctive approach transfers to small-scale ceramic pieces that are frequently saggar-fired after I have hand-built them.  Experiments with inclusions in the saggars to fume and stain the pieces are surprising to say the least.

It is an honour and a delight to be able to share some of these recollections with visitors to my little exhibition in The Little Room at The Churn Room, Dayboro.

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