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Impetuous Alchemist

Capturing the flood of impetuous creative thoughts to artistic inspirations

The Little Room - Exhibition

6 June - 3 July



Thursday  to Sunday 10 am – 2 pm




Exhibition Opening Event - Friday 7th June

The continuous exploration of the medium of enamel on precious metal is an ongoing adventure for Galina as an artist/jeweller/enameller. Galina has been a jeweller and enamellist for the past 20 years, and began with oil painting and folk art, but once introduced to the wonderful art of enamelling, her love for this artform has grown from strength to strength.

Galina reflects "The opportunity of using a colour palette of brilliance and intensity with added choices of transparency, opacity and opalescence is extraordinary. My own journey has morphed from basic copper enamelling right through to intricate bespoke enamelled jewellery, together with gold and silver, there is nothing better. 

Having the ability to create something from the tiny grains of glass is amazing and very rewarding. The incorporation of glass, metal and precious and semi-precious stones all form the basis of my art.

There is no one source of inspiration for me but more often than not, from nature. Each piece carries the soul of my creativity and as such all my pieces are distinctively unique and one of a kind."

Galina considers herself fortunate to have studied this fabulous art form throughout the world include Japan, Russia, Portugal, America, and United Kingdom, as well as throughout Australia. Attributing her skills and learnings to all the famous enamellists she has met, trained, and been mentored from across the world during this time. Being passionately curious, Galina is sure the key to success is to never stop learning.


Albert Einstein’s quote continually resonates in her own thoughts “Once you stop learning, you start dying.”

Galina chooses to share her own learnings and feels privileged to introduce this beautiful art form to many students encouraging them to develop their own talent and self expression. 

During this exhibition Galina will be offering a workshop program where you can explore enamelling for yourself. 

Join us for the opening event on Friday, June 7th from 6 – 8 pm

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Saturday 22nd June 10am - 1pm



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Galina at work

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