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Life Drawing Showcase 2023

25-29 October 2023 

Since April 2023, a monthly Sunday life drawing sessions has been offered in The Back Room. A growing group of drawers from all backgrounds and skill levels, using a mix of media to work with have enjoyed these informal untutored sessions. 


The Showcase is the celebration of all that this has been and is becoming.  An avenue to focus on the shapes, and to express what you see in the moment as you wish.  It is the sense of freedom to explore what the model offers, that has excited regular participation and new comers alike. 


We hope this community showcase goes some way to demystify life drawing and to show our community and visitors during the showcase that it is an accessible and fun creative activity for everyone.  


You are welcome to come and spend some time in the space to  talk with those on site during the showcase  


- The Churn Room, 38 Williams St, Dayboro

- opening hours 9am - 3pm, Wed - Sun

- opening Wed 25th October

- closing Sun 29th October

 You are invited to join in with the costumed life drawing session open to the public

10am Sunday 29th October. 

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